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Eugh I suck so hard. I didn't go in to class again this morning cause I was so fucking tired. MOAR SLEEP PLEASE BODY. I am just having such fail insomnia. Also, the cat cried outside my door all fucking night so what the hell. God this all just sucks so hard. Where is my motivation. Come back please. It's not even like today was a hard or heinous day, it's a nice day. But I just physically couldn't wrench myself out of bed. Come back will power, I need you.

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My cat ALWAYS cries outside of my door too. Its such a pain in the ass. If I let him in the room he won't leave me alone either. I totally feel your pain!

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And it's so pitiful, right? I'm like... I want to fix it for you but jhjfg SHUT UP. Mostly my cat wants me to come stroke her while she eats, otherwise she will just sit and look at the biscuits mournfully.

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It is pitiful. You feel so sorry for them because they sound so sad. But at 4am your patience starts to wear just a little thin. xP

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*sends you good juju*

Also, I am lame and had the plague while you were here in February, and I can't believe I missed getting to talk to you by phone. ;___; ILU! Feel better, you awesome crazy loveable girl you.


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Nooo not the plague! I hope you are feeling better and are all settled in now! You know the invitation still stands to come stay here whenever you like! <33

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Awwww, thank you! XDDD Sadly it looks like a trip out to see you will have to be later in the year, as settling in has been more of a process than I imagined. Someday I will have pictures! Thank you soooo much for the invitation--I am super excited about making it a reality! *superglomp* And of course, my invitation to you has no expiration date. <33333

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hey it happens to me too :( don't worry too much about it, im sure your sleeping pattern will get back to normal soon x

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*LEAVES WILLPOWER. and a side of AWESOME* &hearts