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How come I didn't know there was a new shit x-men kids cartoon? Well that's my afternoon sorted! Also, lol at the one with the really awful British accent, who says 'teleparth'. Oh the ways in which I cackled off the bed.

Askfhksdjf oh wow, and Professor X sounds like Frank'n'Furter. That is just not right.

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is it Emma Frost

man I need to see this

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I don't even know what. Just... omg. Rather children of the atom, only faggy! Yay. Also kinda like grown up evolution? w/e I am sad there has been no Rogue, but lol at emma frost. Also scott is a total jerk, HIGH LOLZ.

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I think I heard Rogue is in this later but idk

I am sure as hell watching it though
after Batman

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omg i've been recording it on TV and watching it sporadically yet obsessively.

lol. wait until you hear horrible horrible GAMBIT you will die of terrible black-man-with-a-french-and-horrible-new-orleans-accent-on-a-white-guy.

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What did they like have some personal challenge to get as many absofukinglutely awful voice actors as possible? xDD