gatty: (Default)
gatty ([personal profile] gatty) wrote2009-04-17 04:03 pm

Mmm I'm special

So, having been baffled the last few days as to why my account balance has been going up with absolutely no reason why - only to realise I didn't see the little 'minus' before the number... fail.

Also fail: got bra properly fitted, am 30G. This is a pretend size, what. I am so buggered if I need new underwear in Japan.

Damnit, I so nearly made it to the next student loan installment without going into my overdraft. Cocks. Well, I did have to fork out £622 for my plane ticket to Japan (thanks Haringey for NEVER GETTING BACK TO ME on the issue that you owe me for half D<). So really, without that cost I would have been in the black damnit.

Also fail: putting money in special overseas withdrawal account only to end up using regular account to pay for haircut.

Less fail: discovering regular account only charges for actual hole-in-the-wall withdrawals, paying by card in shop all peachy.

Need to pin down father on how much money getting from him next year - ie how much of my squirrled away money can I spend this summer (fsrs student loans, £1500 will not get me through five and a half months).

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