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gatty ([personal profile] gatty) wrote2009-05-04 04:33 pm


For those of you that don't follow [ profile] biggles_slash, I just posted some fic over tharwards.

If you are interested.

Everything needs more Biggles love, damnnit.

I am rereading Biggles of the Camel Squadron and aaaah so much love. Also, I need to start a feature called Biggles Says the Specialist Things.

Highlights include:

"Holy mackerel! It feels hot enough to me to grow doughnuts!"

What. Just. What.

Upon leaving Marie *coughsuecough* Janis, who has helped him out while being "a vision of blonde loveliness": "I'd be the sort of skunk who'd give rat poison to orphans if I didn't go back and thank her for her hospitality"

I love Biggles so hard.

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