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gatty ([personal profile] gatty) wrote2009-06-28 11:12 pm

Now I am Old &c

Today I am officially 21, which is all sorts of mile stone-y, so here I am making a Proper Journal Entry to document the day.

And it has been a good one. Albeit, no massive party or normal things like that, but there's been a lot of love spreading. I've had a phone full of texts and calls, and an inbox of well wishes. I had a lovely day with my father, and even received Acknowledgement and words of Pride from my granddad who normally forgets everyone's birthdays. I had a very good phone call with Kiran, and we realised we've now known each other for 10 years - nearly half our lives. We've already made it through bad times and good (and boyfriends ><), and I really hope I can be here at 31 saying the same things.

I've also not been too down about Achieving things, as while I've not actually got there, in many cases, in my goals, I'm well on the way.

... except now writing all this has made me suddenly and horribly aware of the Passage of Time, and the knowledge that I will not be young forever and oh god life is happening RIGHT NOW and at some point or another it will END and ghjkdf time limits.

Okay, I'll try and stop thinking about that. Maybe by the time I'm old they'll know how to freeze brains in jars. I shall Live On through my Art obvs.

Also, apparently I'm going to be Canadian at some point. My dad's officially decided to get citizenship and for me to, all through Sophia. So, erm yeah. Bizzare pointless dual citizenship ftw.

As a final note: my god, my country is WARM, what is this.

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