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gatty ([personal profile] gatty) wrote2009-09-15 01:59 pm

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So. Im in Japan. In an internet cafe. Feeling mostly like shit to be honest.

I messed up the dates of the reservation for the tokyo hostel and the woman was really rude to me about it. I checked the reservation email and it was my mistake but theres no need to be a bitch. Speaking of, looking back through my emails to find the reservation I also found an email from Sophia (evil stepmother of evil) that for some reason gmailed protected me from seeing, totally chewing me out in a pathetic evil way. It was the most venomous cruel thing Ive read for a while. I sent her nothing like this. I leave her alone, I dont call her names and make her feel like shit. She is such a batshit insane cruel horrible mean spiteful petty woman and I honest to god hope she gets hit by a truck. I hate that Ive had to have eight years of my life being smothered by her psychosis. FUCK RIGHT OFF.

ARG. So much rant. Also, I want Kansai now. Screw Tokyo everyone wears grey.

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