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So I've been here a bit over a month. I'm still not really sure what's supposed to be going on at Uni, but then after SOAS I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I was bit stressed out and miserable for a bit, because last year sucked so much, and it was looking like this year was going to be difficult and sad-making in the same way and ohgodIcan'ttakethatagain, but things are a little calmer now.

Or rather, I reminded myself of the law of two out of three. What I'm doing, where I'm doing it, and who I'm doing it with. SOAS was bloody lucky, because all three were awesome. UEA sucked because I only had the people aspect down. This time I have amazing people (already, thank you universe for providing ready-made best friends), and I enjoy the place, so if the 'what' aspect isn't quite up to scratch then whatever. I can deal with that.

However, I really should study, as my literacy skills are rather down the toilet. Was happily pottering away through listening&speaking class, until we were supposed to write some things down and I forgot bloody hiragana. Teacher is Mancunian hunchback, so things all a little surreal as it was.

Have been epically busy, first with two week holiday with [ profile] ziphertis, then with moving to halls and... life etc. Have been to see Takarazuka twice. There are just no words to explain the madness. Seriously, post at later date.

Oh god I should go to grammar class. Even though it is the most pointless thing in the world seriously.

..... It's Nano next month

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