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... Back from the near dead

Suffice to say I am utterly rubbish at this journal nonsense, and at keeping any sort of linear record of my time in Japan. After a while it just seemed rather pointless to make any sort of post as all I had to say was directionless moping about things I couldn't do anything about. I have not had the best of times. By far. Perhaps I will make a post about this when I am back. Hopefully I will do at least a summery and picture post. But it has been a very difficult time, for various reasons (a lot of which weren't actually, for once, my fault).

If I were to tag this year in my brain, I would probably use the follwing: racism, bleeding money, pointless waste of time, engrish, vile kawaii, sexism, fail, epic lulz.

I have met some lovely people I hope to hold onto for a very long time, and with them there have been some truely epic adventures (including monumental fail), and, cliched thought it is, I have come to realise some things about who I am and what my goals are, but mostly this year has just been something t endure.

Which I promised myself I wouldn't do again, after Latymer.

Oh well :/

In other, brighter news, I have a flat for next year! It is near London Bridge, so I'm v excited to be living so near the centre. And, to make things even more awesome, I will be living with [ profile] hamdrax! We plan to bake, and have revolutions.

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omg where did you guys get a thing? I want to come visit :D

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which iirc is the station you come in by


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I gather you didn't have a very good time.
What city were you living in? Where were you studying? I am going to study in Tokyo from September to March, so I hope I'll survive.

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Yesssssss our flat will be the most best flat in the history of EVERRRR. /bounces!

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I'm so sorry it's not been such a good year. But yay for being back in England and having a flat!

I can't believe I am actually doing this

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so... hi!

usually, I'm just a common lurker of the site, looking for good fics and never really leaving a comment to the hard-working writers who post them, but just now, not even five minutes ago, I was reading a fic you wrote for the 'oh shit santa', winterfest, called 'words without thoughts never to heaven go', and it actually touched me so deeply, struck a cord in me so strongly, that when I went looking for your other fics and accidentally stumbled across your private journal, I couldn't help but post this.

It really impressed me how, despise your difficulties and sad moments, and even when you was at your lowest, you got back on your feet and kept going.

I'm sorry that your stay at Japan wasn't what you were probably expecting and hoping for, but all the same, I'm happy that you found friends that made your experience worth it; people like that, who just seem to fit in our lives - not always perfectly, but smoothly enough that it seems we've known them since forever - are rare, and I hope that latter, when you can't remember the hurt and exhaustion as a feeling, but just as a fact, you'll look back on that and smile, fondly, truthfully and painlessly because of them.
It feels a bit awkward, doing this; talking to a virtual stranger and really meaning all that I've wrote. I'm sorry if it creeps you out, me butting into your LJ and suddenly springing comments like this on you, but I'll up the 'strange'mometer just a little bit and add you as a friend (I generally do this just when the journal is flocked and I really want to read one of the author's fics, but I'll deviate from the norm and add you anyway - you are just likable that way).

If you want to add me too, that's ok; it's also ok if you don't; I AM just a lurker and I have absolutely NOTHING posted on my LJ account, but I'll reply to you if you message me (even if it MIGHT take a while - I tend to get lost in the fandons and forget that the internet has other uses XP)

And talking about fandons and getting lost on them, I'm gonna stop now and get some stalking done on your fics =)