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gatty ([personal profile] gatty) wrote2010-07-21 12:01 am

... Back from the near dead

Suffice to say I am utterly rubbish at this journal nonsense, and at keeping any sort of linear record of my time in Japan. After a while it just seemed rather pointless to make any sort of post as all I had to say was directionless moping about things I couldn't do anything about. I have not had the best of times. By far. Perhaps I will make a post about this when I am back. Hopefully I will do at least a summery and picture post. But it has been a very difficult time, for various reasons (a lot of which weren't actually, for once, my fault).

If I were to tag this year in my brain, I would probably use the follwing: racism, bleeding money, pointless waste of time, engrish, vile kawaii, sexism, fail, epic lulz.

I have met some lovely people I hope to hold onto for a very long time, and with them there have been some truely epic adventures (including monumental fail), and, cliched thought it is, I have come to realise some things about who I am and what my goals are, but mostly this year has just been something t endure.

Which I promised myself I wouldn't do again, after Latymer.

Oh well :/

In other, brighter news, I have a flat for next year! It is near London Bridge, so I'm v excited to be living so near the centre. And, to make things even more awesome, I will be living with [ profile] hamdrax! We plan to bake, and have revolutions.

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