Jan. 1st, 2009

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Happy new year, flist! I hope you all had good nights. I didn't go anywhere because I'm fail... I really should go down to the river one year... it's just too cold xD

I have spent this week so far mostly in bed, enjoying not having to go anywhere. I've got a lot of revision to do, but I'm getting through it. I've not even started to think about the essay I've got to write as well...

I've been thinking on resolutions though. They're less resolutions rather than... hopes? I'm not sure what to call it. I was waivering on the idea of trying to do a MFA in the US, but I came to the conclusion last night that why the hell not. I will only be young and irresponsible once, so why not sod off to the states for two years. I figure I should take advantage of the fact that I am very single, and my family is small and spread out anyway, and just do what I want to do! This also includes actually finishing nano from 2007 and giving it to Alison's agent. I feel like with that book, my writing came to some kind of maturity, and it's worth pushing on to the next stage. And again, why shouldn't I? If I keep thinking oh, I can't do that yet, when will I think it's okay?

Have you guys got any resolutions for 2009?

Have a great new year's day!


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