Jun. 10th, 2009

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Advanced notice to Oxford types: I am planning to attend 8th week docsoc for much win and epic victoly etc. I'll probably head up mid afternoon (what's your work schedule [livejournal.com profile] sebastienne?) and be around for something like 24 hours (too short, le sob). [livejournal.com profile] potatofiend, do you exist thenabouts? I hope I am not timing myself perfectly for all deadline stress. 'Twould be nifty to see all and sundry!

Unrelated Life Update:
The academic year is over, thank goodness, now all I have to do it wait for July results. We'll see if blagging got me through again. It's always fun to wait for results on exams you walked out of half way through...
Since then have been much enjoying dossing, organising all the books, watching too much Criminal Minds and so on. Went to Shuttleworth Collection's Air Display with [livejournal.com profile] ziphertis for vague birthday outing. Was tremendous fun. Lots of tiny old balsawood-and-sheets!planes zipping about. SE5a's are utterly gorgeous and I want one. Amazing aerobatics display by a glider that was beyond comprehension. Had charming picnic out of boot of the car, and enjoyed miraculously glorious weather. Joy.
Student finance, however, have managed to mess up my application again... I have no words D: At least I don't panic at it anymore, I know every bit of it all inside out by now. But will possibly be able to claim £300 back from Haringey for the flight! Hurrah! Will believe it when I have the cheque in my hands though.
Am supposed to heard from Kobe University by the end of the month about my application, and then wait for certificate of eligibility and so forth for visa applications. I have little faith in this all going smoothly, given Kobe University has only just opened up again after swine flue scares (Japan you are such a hypochondriac D<).
My beautiful Wakayamashi, I miss you so.

Bundara Odori (bundara dance). I danced in this... earlier on, with the entire hospital staff it seemed. They gave me our little happi kimono outfit as a present when we left. The song makes me all misty eyed.


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