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I'm writing nano. Shock fucking horror, seriously. I'm at about 80k. I think I'm trying to plow all my mounting depression into it. Which kinda works, because right now one of my characters is having a bit of a metal breakdown, as you do, so it's delightfully cathartic. I'm still waiting for the day I don't write my best things about heart destroying loss. I am always reminded of the phrase "don't make that face - if the wind changes it'll stick like that". I think the wind changed. Maybe I'm stuck like that.
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Hmm. So, the doctor has taken my mum off all her anti-depressants and anti-inflamatories (for the arthritis). They are trying to reorganise her meds. Which is just lovely. She's trying to get an appointment with crews bereavement councilors, what with there being four family deaths in the last two years. My gran, gran's aunt, my granddad, and my mum's cousin. There's not much of the family left, not the parts we have any contact with, anyway. It really all blows. I'm just trying to take it really easy this term, I don't want to get myself stressed out. I know from experience that having mum depressed really takes a lot out of me for doing anything else.

I know it's only five weeks. I know I've done a lot more with no issue. I don't feel that I'm necessarily down, but that's because I'm just keeping to myself and not doing anything. :\

I don't like having this time I'm just trying to get to the other side of, but I feel tired. I'd almost like to just be depressed, but I can't because mum is.

We are also having the roof redone as it is falling off.

Huzzah, &c

Feb. 4th, 2009 11:07 pm
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Today we finally got the results of the a billionth set of tests we sat last week. This time, our results were put in rank order, and in that order, we chose which Japanese university we wanted to apply to. I was utterly nerve wracked, because we would know precisely where we were in the year group.

So I went up to the interview room to wait with everyone, and .... I was second o.O out of the whole year. Number two. I nearly had hysterics, because I didn't revise for those tests and I missed a lot of class - I didn't even go in the week before the exams >> Thus, I was able to choose my preferred University, Kobe Uni. Another lovely benefit is that for this university, the deadline for application is the 20th of April! Most people's are March 2nd, and some people are even as soon as Feb 11th @.@ So I'm very relieved. I'll need the time though, I checked what I need to submit on the Kobe site, and it's completely incongruous with what our teachers said we'll need to submit. Oh well, I can go and harass the teachers on Friday.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:38 pm
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So I went out to Alexandra Park to ogle the snow. It was absolutely teaming with people - mostly teenagers home from school generally living up to their bad rep xD I roamed around the wooded bit for a while, attempted a snow angel, nearly froze one hand off accidentally, and got half buried when tripping and hitting a tree, causing all the snow ever to land on me and my new camera XDDD

After that I went down to the shops to get a few things, and found some very London-in-Snow things to photograph!

There's been constant snowfall since I woke up at 7am... )

Some bus routes have been restarted, but it's going to take forever to get anything running up here because we exist in this horrible land of massive massive hills of doom and destruction, and I am scared enough getting up them in the bus on a normal day ... we'll see!

I couldn't make it into Uni, but apparently there was a powercut and the school was closed anyway. Well done SOAS. It's such a useless pile of poo, that place.

Lol snow

Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:19 am
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So all london buses are cancelled. WHOOOOO SNOW DAAAAY. I can't get to the tube station, it's up a massive hill of doom, and would be a good hour's walk on a nice day, so ahahha no.



Totes going out for a photo run in a bit!
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...... I am going to see this and I am going to heckle. I will also enjoy myself greatly.
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It is here. It is on tomorrow (sunday) at 9pm on BBC3 nearly a year after I first spazzed over it.

I am spazzing again. The site gives you a good look at the new cast, and they seem to be working well! I don't want to be too confident as of course that will jinx it all, but I'm pretty damn excited!

I really do recommend that anyone with access to BBC3 does watch it. For Russel Tovey if nothing else!

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Title: words without thoughts never to heaven go
Author: Gatty
Pairing: SasuNaruSasu
Rating: PG (13 for darkness?)
Summary: We all come undone.
Warning: Angst. Dark themes. Do not read when miserable.
Notes: Written as a gift for [ profile] fireun over at [ profile] oh_shit_santa as part of the winter fest! Go check it out for lots of amazing art and fic! Beta'd by [ profile] myrafur, thank you so much, you deserve all the love ever.

Follow the fake cut!

(this is not the end)

Just posting this up properly, as I've put it up on my long neglected writing journal. Fail self.

In other news, I skipped classes this morning cause I didn't want to go. I am horribly demotivated about it all, but I shall have to kick self into shape as we have exams of doom next week, and I really don't want to let myself down. After the rough term last year, I still managed to get 81.5%. My goal is to get around 87/8% which should assure my my first choice Japanese uni. Here's hoping.... :\\
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edward cullen should open a new labour clinic


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I don't know how much of my flist will be interested anymore, but over here there is a massive pile of COMPLETELY BRILLIANT fic and art, from several fandoms (this year we have Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman Reborn, Batman, to name but a few) so GO HAVE A LOOK AT THESE TALENTED WONDERFUL PEOPLE.

The gift I wrote was for [ profile] fireun

Title: words without thoughts never to heaven go
Rating: PG (13 for darkness)
Warning: this is the most horrendously upsetting thing I've ever written.

(this is not the end)
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Happy new year, flist! I hope you all had good nights. I didn't go anywhere because I'm fail... I really should go down to the river one year... it's just too cold xD

I have spent this week so far mostly in bed, enjoying not having to go anywhere. I've got a lot of revision to do, but I'm getting through it. I've not even started to think about the essay I've got to write as well...

I've been thinking on resolutions though. They're less resolutions rather than... hopes? I'm not sure what to call it. I was waivering on the idea of trying to do a MFA in the US, but I came to the conclusion last night that why the hell not. I will only be young and irresponsible once, so why not sod off to the states for two years. I figure I should take advantage of the fact that I am very single, and my family is small and spread out anyway, and just do what I want to do! This also includes actually finishing nano from 2007 and giving it to Alison's agent. I feel like with that book, my writing came to some kind of maturity, and it's worth pushing on to the next stage. And again, why shouldn't I? If I keep thinking oh, I can't do that yet, when will I think it's okay?

Have you guys got any resolutions for 2009?

Have a great new year's day!
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For those of you that don't know, Prince Charles had his 60th Birthday in November and because he is a sporting old chap and likes stand up a lot, lots of famous people got together to mock him to his face for charity.

I missed it on telly but was watching a few clips, and here, at the end, was something I thought was quite special.

Another gem included Bill Baily and Robin Williams singing a lovely little song.

Well I was very amused.
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So I was in Muswell Hill, and I found

this beauty (cut for size but YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO CLICK IT )

Now... I didn't think there was too much wrong with it to start... but then I looked closer... and closer. It is Earthquake in Christmas Town? Did the earthquake rupture the chocolate down the bottom? And those poor deer stuck in here and there. And the white stuff dripping down the middle building? And the wonky cross at the top? Satan's christmas town?

I am just so unendingly upset by this D:
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What the hell guys D:

I went in to get my roots done and she was like... so half a head of highlights. Me:... um... well not really, from this line down is blonde, from this line up is brown... make it all blonde. Her: so half a head of highlights then. Me: *assumes that's what they're calling it these days*

But seriously what? Why the hell would I want it like this? With like three inches of chav hair. Also, she was like, it's all yellow down the bottom, so I've bleached some more of it to even out the colour. Result: I am now fucking nordic ash blonde.

May I at this point add some extensive NO and FUCK THIS SHIT.

I didn't have an argument with them as 1) I didn't really realise how bad it was till later and just Meh. I think I will go back and argue at some point D:

So fuck today.
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So this is my teacher! Who I cried at last week >> But I had no idea she was this important in like... UK Japanese Teaching stuff.
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Well I'm in a foul mood D<
I'm still ill, the builders are STILL NEXT DOOR OH MY GOD WE'RE COMING UP TO NINE MONTHS OF SOLID CONSTRUCTION WORK WITH MY NEIGHBOURS ON ALL SIDES AND MY UNI BUILDING I AM GOING TO CRACK, Lj has not been sending me any comment/message notifications, so I missed a message from [ profile] ronsard about going into town while she was in London, and now it's too late and ARG I AM SO ENRAGED. Seriously, I hate everything. Haet haet haet.
Apart from that.... no that's it really. Hate mixed with depression mixed with snot.
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Sometimes I feel like I've missed out on so much by never pursuing acting. I know it's not to late, but the drama soc at SOAS is beyond rubbish. And... well... I suppose I just feel like it's rather an either or. I know when go and do drama-y things I tend to bury myself in it and there's no way I can do that now, or really have ever been able to hence the whole... not doing it much :\ Maybe if the drama soc auditions for something next term I will go along. I just feel a bit like there's a part of me and my life missing without drama.

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I live! I live in a pit of nano, etc, etc, but I live! Nano is going surprisingly well, though I am a little behind. That and I have no chance of hitting The End in the next 13k words.

[ profile] ziphetis and I have decided we are going to Egypt next summer. We have decided we have to go before it turns into one of those, I-always-wanted-to-but-never-did things.

So... I went jeans shopping, and for the first time in my life bought a size 10 jeans o.O So I went home and weighed myself again, and I've dropped another stone since Easter. I'm now like... 10stone/140pounds/63kg. And it just occurred to me that over the past two years I lost 1/4 of my body weight ahah wot. Apparently the stress, death and illness diet works wonders :\ So... time for more cake.

Eugh, though, I am certainly not greatly enjoying the course this year. In fact I am entirely bored out of my skull. I have brought this up with the teachers, and they said there's nothing they can really do and have I tried watching dorama?

Well, I shall head back to nano, and the land of no money what so ever.
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The pound had jumped out of the aeroplane with no parachute guys :S If it keeps this up I don't even know how I'm supposed to do my year abroad.
Fuck you economy.
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